Business Incubator

Turn your business idea into a successful business: only you can do that. But I can give you practical help, so that you do not run out of breath too early or you do not lose your bearings.

What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur? First and foremost, the fact that he has a business idea, which he pursues with commitment and perseverance. This idea (some say vision) is the prerequisite and basis. Everything else are tools: marketing strategies, distribution channels, technology and business plans.

The implementation of the business idea is a complex process that requires the entrepreneur’s creativity and flexibility. During the process, methods and tools change constantly. To build an enterprise is like an adventure travel: as soon as you start your trip forget all detailed plans - but don’t lose track of your goal and vision!

We are interested in a lasting partnership with enterprises (SME) in developing countries. Therefore, we are directly or indirectly connected with many of the initiated and supported companies through own investments.


My services

Development of the business concept
From marketing and sales, through the selection of suitable partners up to formal questions: I enable you to turn your idea into a compelling business concept.

I will challenge you and help you to raise the profile of your concept. So I help you prioritizing ideas and tasks properly, separate unimportant from important tasks.

Whether subsidies, crowdfunding, investors or normal loans. The search for suitable funders also depends on how you want to expand your business in the future. More...

I will help you in the preparation of a business plan for banks and investors. A business plan is not the core of your business, but it helps convincing some funders.