Finance and Funding

For Entrepreneurs

A good entrepreneur implements no business plan, but his business idea.

On the other hand, in order to convince other people of the viability of the business idea, you need a plan that also contains a reputable financial planning alongside the business idea.

The worth of a business plan is the thinking process that will be thereby set in motion. It has a positive value if you manage to bring down your sorted thoughts to paper.

Therewith, your own vision will become more concrete, more tangible.

I can assist you in creating a business plan and in the search for the lenders that fit your business idea. This is important for a sustainable corporate development. Because nothing can hinder a business idea more than an investor who is trying to capture your active business idea with Excel tables alone:

"The secret isn't counting the beans. It's growing more beans!" (R. Goizueta)

For Investors

Enterprises in developing countries obey different laws and have other business cycles than companies in the leading economic regions of the world. The legal, logistical and financial conditions are far less predictable and projectable than what the investors are used to. And in most cases, the business model itself is new and innovative, but also untested.

A due diligence audit of a company in a developing country, is therefore carried out in a fundamental different way: the discussion of business plans is not sufficient to detect whether an entrepreneurial idea in the context of the respective country can be sustainable and whether the entrepreneur has the appropriate personality and energy to implement this idea permanently.

I have initiated, founded and supported numerous companies in developing countries. Therefore, I am aware of these peculiarities.

I will not relieve you of the responsibility of taking the investment decision. But I can significantly complete your own decision procedures and give you important additional assessments.