Dr. Harald Sch├╝tzeichel

Key qualifications:  

From 1997 to 2003, I co-founded a pioneering company in the renewable energy sector in Germany which started as a one-man business to become a publicly traded company. By the time I left the company, it was economically active through several subsidiaries in production, trade, installation, meteorology and education.


Since 2003 the focus of my work has been in Africa and Asia: as an entrepreneur and project manager, I coach local young entrepreneurs as well as medium-sized companies that want to expand to Africa. I also work as a project manager for non-profit organizations. As part of my foreign assignments, I worked in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines.

I am a member of the supervisory board of several African and Asian companies and run my own program for the promotion of young entrepreneurs in the field of decentralized energy supply. The exemplary model combines non-profit and for-profit approaches.


Together with the World Bank and other partners, in 2012 I founded the industry association GOGLA (Global Off-Grid Lighting Association) and, as its first president, I accompanied its development into the leading industry association.

For more than 20 years I have been working as a speaker and trainer in education and training. This includes several years as associate lecturer in leadership, management and ethics at the University of Freiburg i.Br.


As author and publisher, I have published books and academic essays in the fields of philosophy, theology, music, corporate governance as well as distributed energy technology in Africa.



  • Marketing specialist, St. Gallen (BWA) 
  • Business-Coach, Augsburg/Stuttgart 
  • Humanities studies in Bonn and Freiburg i.Br.  
  • Artistic Education, Cologne